Why Do So Many People Dream Of Flying Or Floating?

Dream of flying is one of the most common things in the dream world. More than a third of the dreaming population reports having had at least one dream about flying. And, if you have one, you’re very likely to have more.

Dream Of Flying Or Floating

Your chance of having a flying dream doubles if you are a lucid dreamer (you are able to become awake and aware as you dream).

The reason for the commonality is that flying dreams fall under a category of dreams where you become aware that you are dreaming, known as lucid dreaming.

Many dreamers have described the ability to fly in their dreams as an exhilarating, joyful, and liberating experience. However, that is not always the case.

3 Feelings Associated With Flying or Floating Dreams

There are 3 feelings commonly associated with dream of flying:

1.) Flying with easy and enjoying the scenery and landscape below. This usually suggests that you are on top of a particular situation and you have risen above something.

2.) You are having difficulty staying in flight, and obstacles are in your way (i.e. power lines, trees, mountains). These barriers can represent a particular obstacle that is standing in your way in your waking life.

3.) You are afraid whilst you are flying, and you may feel that you are flying too high. If this happens when you are flying, chances are you are afraid of challenges and of success.

In all respects, dreams about flying are extremely vivid, and again are considered a lucid dream. For lucid dreams to take place, your body must be in a state of R.E.M which is a deep sleep.

There are sleep aids available to you that can help your body get into this state, and also just give you a great sleep.

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