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Hello there!

We appreciate that you came to our blog and are considering publishing an article here. Please spend some time reading this page in its entirety, as it provides a thorough explanation of the rules, the submission procedure, and the kinds of content we accept.

You have the option to publish a compelling theme-related article on our website. We advise you to read the publication guidelines before submitting an article so you can create something the readers will find helpful and worthwhile.

Publication specifications:

  • Unique: The content of the article must be entirely unique and never before published. Plagiarism is not permitted. Anything that has already been published elsewhere won’t be republished by us.
  • Length: The article should be at least 1200–1500 words long or longer. The post may be edited in any way, shape, or form at our discretion.
  • Photo: The article needs to include more graphics, diagrams, and the like. Additionally, quotes from the primary source can be included. Only Pixabay and copyright-free images may be used.
  • Content Quality: The article needs to be of a high standard, and you should check it for grammatical errors and readability using Grammarly and Hemingway.
  • Submission: We anticipate that you will be able to format the article properly, using all-caps headings and links. Every article must be submitted in docs.google.com format with ready-to-post HTML markup.
  • Topic: Dreams and their spiritual interpretations are the subjects of our blog. In some instances, though, we might take into account other subjects.
  • Deadline: There are no deadlines, but we would assume that you would write promptly and maintain good communication.

The article might not be accepted for publication if the following occurs:

  • Articles on illegal subjects that could lead to reader confusion or harm their health (casinos, drugs, violent content, etc.) If the author feels that the article should not be published because of its subject matter or content, we have the right to refuse to publish it.
  • If the piece was plagiarized from another website (non-unique content).

How can you write for us?

Send a message to [email protected]

  • What company do you represent, and what is your website’s address?
  • The topic of the article you intend to publish and a brief summary.
  • If you intend to use links, make sure to list the URL and anchor text for each target link (a maximum of 1-2 links per article).
  • Send us some samples of the other articles you’ve written and published.

In response to your request, prices and publication terms will be prescribed to you.

We look forward to receiving your letter.