What is the Significance of Dreams?

Some people look into their dreams for answers about the future.

If you ask a psychic about the significance of dreams, she may not have the same answer as a psychologist.

The psychologist may not have the same answer as the layman. People from different eras may also argue about the significance of dreaming. What most of these people may agree with is that dreams mean something.

That something could be as deep as a message or a prophecy. It could be a physical discomfort or illness that has made its way into your dreams.

Predicting the future

Some people look into their dreams for answers about the future. They can see a lot of things in what other people may see as a simple dream.

There are civilizations, such as that of Native Americans, in which dreams play a significant role in the daily decision-making of tribal leaders.

Both Christian and non-Christian groups have thought of dreams as messages that show what will happen in the near future.

Even scientist Albert Einstein believe that dreams can truly show the future because he believes the present and the future as well as the past all happen at the same time.

Expressing repressed feelings

Psychologists believe that dreams reflect the state of mind of a person. There may be feelings that are deeply repressed but come out through the dream state.

For example, pent-up stress can show through falling dreams. Nightmares may also be manifestations of worries and fears.

Even hidden memories can slowly come onto the surface for dreams exist to make people either forget or remember.

Deepening relationships

People you constantly see in your dreams are most likely the most important people in your life. You do not only have a relationship with them during the waking life but also in your dreams.

If they are displaying different characteristics in your dreams, you will know how you will react to them when they are not quite like the persons you know.

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