What Is Dream Interpretation?

Dream interpretation involves analyzing and interpreting the events, people, circumstances, and even symbols depicted in dreams. In dream interpreting, you will be able to uncover hidden feelings about yourself.

The study of dreams

The interpretation of dreams has been done in many ancient communities in Egypt and Greece. In the past, dreams were considered to be a tool for supernatural communication, and only those with special powers can uncover the meaning behind them.

In modern psychology however, Sigmund Freud believed dreams to be nothing more than wish fulfillment. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, has argued on the other hand that dreams reflect the richness of the human unconscious mind.

Symbols in Dream Interpretation

When it comes to the subject of interpreting dreams, symbols play a very crucial role. In fact, symbols are considered to be the basic language of dreams. Since dreams often manifest themselves in symbols, it is therefore important to uncover them.

The symbol could be in the form of an object, a place, an animal, color, a number or numbers, and even a range of emotions prevalent in your dreams. All these can be used as an effective means in interpreting dreams. While dream interpretation experts can analyze your dreams for you, you may also interpret your own dreams, using dream dictionaries and dream interpretation guides.

The spiritual side of dreaming

Dream interpretation may sound complex at first, but with the right interpretation experts and the right guide, understanding the meaning behind the symbols depicted in your dreams don’t have to be difficult at all.

Dreams show a person’s innermost feelings and innermost thoughts, desires, intentions, emotions, fears, and hopes. In sleeping you are essentially unconscious and this is when your spiritual self is most sensitive.

Dreams come in different types and categories so it is best to know which category your dreams belong to. Effective dream interpretation can help you learn more about yourself and uncover the symbols hidden in your dreams.

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