What Do Numbers in Dreams Mean?

Try to remember objects and persons that come in groups of numbers that you can vividly remember

what do numbers mean in dreams

In dreams, numbers are not represented by numerical figures all the time. Sometimes, three people showing up in your dream may be expressing the importance of the number three. So, try to remember objects and persons that come in groups in numbers that you can vividly remember. Maybe, there is something about the number. Here are dream meanings of each single digit number:


Zero represents timelessness, the void and infinity. Sometimes, this number also represents God as He already exists before the beginning of man.


Thought of as a masculine number, one represents individuality and creativity. Being first does not only mean being the best or the winner but also means being original.


Thought of as a feminine number, two represents balance. Balance is created through pairs, twins, give and take, good and evil and yin and yang.


The number three represents life because many aspects of life come in threes. An example of this is past, present and future. Another triad is composed of father, mother and child. Three also represents energy and self-exploration.


Four represents the physical and materialistic matters. This is partly in allusion to the four corners of the earth. Four is about practicality and getting things done.


The number five represents spontaneity and boldness. It also represents action. In order to act efficiently, you will need all of your five senses.


Six represents completion and perfection. It means all the warm, blissful things such as tranquility, domestic bliss and harmony.


You can achieve high spirituality and mental perfection through the number seven. Many biblical images come in sevens. Seven also represents uniqueness, sometimes at the point of eccentricity.


Eight stands for material gains, success and wealth. You may be happy to find this number if you are looking to find a great career: fulfilling, profitable and provides you with an authoritative position.


Nine, as the biggest single number represents rebirth and reformation.

Bigger numbers also have their own meanings. Sometimes, 1972 can only refer to an important year in your life. The much-maligned number thirteen represents both life and death.

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