Tips in Manipulating Lucid Dreams

Explore more about the dream world and even have fun in the process

tips for lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a state of dreaming where in you are fully aware of what is happening in your dream.

You can travel to a distant place you’ve never dreamed of visiting, you can have a conversation with your favorite personality, or even go on a date with your celebrity crush through a lucid dream.

Through practice and certain techniques, it is possible to manipulate your lucid dreams so you can explore more about the dream world and even have fun in the process.

Keep a journal and record your dreams

Having a clear recall about your dreams will allow you to get better at lucid dreaming.

Once you recognize certain or recurring events in your dreams it will be easier to keep yourself within the dreaming state and not have to wake up immediately.

Keep a dream journal and record your dreams immediately upon waking up.

Recording and recalling your dreams will allow you to become more aware on the instances when you are dreaming and when you are already waking up.

Try dream spinning

Dream spinning is a lucid dreaming technique discovered by Stephen LaBerge. Spinning your dream body is known to keep you from leaving the dream state.

You can do this by placing your arms out during your dream state and swinging your body in a circular motion. This helps you stay in the dream world much longer, especially if you begin to sense that your dreams are starting to fade.

Prepare yourself mentally

To have longer lucid dreams, you need to be able to prepare yourself mentally, especially before sleeping.

Getting the right mental foundation will ensure you better success when already interacting in the lucid dream world. If you adopt a more positive mental attitude, the better are your chances in having a successful lucid dream experience.

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