Predicting the Future through Dreams

While you are at your present, your so-called future is also happening somewhere else.

Predicting the future through dreams is called prophetic dreaming or precognitive dreaming. It is believed to be a real but rare phenomenon in which the dreamer glimpses of the future without really meaning to.

Making predictions through dreams is not voluntary although some can do it more often. Most are just surprised, and even spooked, when one of their dreams become real. Others have come to expect their dreams to literally come true though they cannot really explain the phenomenon.

A scientist’s belief

Albert Einstein believes that past, present and future are all happening at the same time. He thinks that the chronological view of the three states in time is an illusion.

So, while you are at your present, your so-called future is also happening somewhere else. If your present and future collides, you may catch a glimpse of what your future has in store for you.

During a brain scan of someone who has precognition through dreams, the portion of the brain that activates through emotional response is the one active during a precognitive dream.

Symbolic dreaming

Sometimes, interpreting a precognitive dream can be tricky. If dreams come in symbols instead of plain images, you may wonder if the interpretation is nothing but the dreamer’s wishful thinking in action.

Symbolic precognitive dreams should be controlled by a fixed dream dictionary for each of the elements involved. What will make this difficult is the fact that dream details are too varied to be controlled by a mere dictionary.

The question remains whether the dream can predict dreams or the person’s interpretation is the one making the prediction.

Wishful thinking

If a person with suspected precognitive ability claims that she has predicted her pregnancy, it may not be a real prediction if she has been planning on having a baby all along.

It is an event that she has control over and has prior knowledge of the possibility.

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