Interpreting Your Dreams about Body Parts

Dreaming about body parts can have a host of meanings.

Dreaming about body parts can have specific meanings. Many people report having dreamed about body parts that fall off such as falling teeth or falling hair. Some people dream about seeing their skin more wrinkled than usual or their hair turning all white. Interpreting your dreams about body parts can be successfully done through a reliable dream interpreter or by consulting a dream dictionary.

Dreaming about your back

Dreaming about your back can mean several things, but your back basically symbolizes the things that you have to take care of or the burdens that you may have to carry on a regular basis.

However your back also represents your strength or the manner with which you carry out your responsibilities. If you dream about your back it can also mean that someone or something has been pressuring you.

Dreaming about your hands

When it comes to dream interpretation, hands are a strong symbol for communication. It also symbolizes how you are expressing yourself to others and the world. Interpreting your dreams about hands will vary depending on the emotions you feel while dreaming. Also the dream meaning will  depend on what you’ve been doing with your hands in your dream.

If, for example, you dream about washing your hands, this could signify your difficult experiences in real life, and how you are trying to deal with all the issues that concern it. If you dream about a clenched fist, this may reflect on the hostility you feel towards a person, an event, or a circumstance. Also a clenched fist can symbolize power.

However, if you dream about your hands getting hurt, this can mean that another person has attacked your pride or your ego.

Dreaming about body parts can have a host of meanings, so it is best to interpret them accurately, to give you more insight about yourself and your emotions.

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