Interpretation of Flying Dreams

Almost everyone has dreamed of flying at some point or other in their lives.

Almost everyone must have dreamed of flying at some point or other in their lives. For many people, flying is accompanied by a feeling of joy and excitement.

Others may experience feelings of fear while flying. Thus, a flying dream tends to have different interpretations.

Flying dreams and feelings of freedom

For many people, dreaming of flying happens when they are having lucid dreams.

Lucid dreams take place when you become aware that you are actually flying. Dreams which involve flying often bring about a feeling of peace, joy, and exhilaration.

If you dream about flying free, especially if you are able to do some acrobatic stunts while flying in your dream, this is often symbolic of freedom or accomplishment. This means that you feel positive about something which you have achieved.

If you dream about flying with wings, this means that you have risen above certain things in your life and is now ready to take on new heights.

Dreams about flying difficulties

Not all dreams about flying are pleasant however. You may experience flying dreams wherein it is difficult for you to stay afloat or that you are afraid of falling to the ground.

This can mean that you are having grave difficulties in controlling your situation.

Also you may dream about flying until you suddenly encounter objects that block your flight, like a tall tree or a huge cloud. This could mean that obstacles are actually bothering you in your waking life.

For many people, difficulties in flying may mean that they lack the needed confidence in order to succeed in their goals.

Flying dreams can represent freedom and joy, but it can also be symbolic of physical limitations which you encounter in your day to day life. Dreaming of flying can allow you to look into yourself and see how you are handling challenges in the real world.

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