Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

There are dreams that you think are unique to you because of their impact but are actually very universal. At some point, each person has been visited by these symbols in their dreams. The details may be different but the general thought is the same when it comes to a common dream symbol. Here are a few examples and their meanings:


Death may either be a disturbing or a strangely distant dream. However, it does not foretell the death of a person but rather foretells the death of an idea or a stage of life. Something has either just ended or is just about to end.


A baby is the ultimate symbol of innocence. As death marks the end, infancy marks the beginning. You may expect to have new projects or to start a new chapter in your life. If you are pregnant or hoping to be, your dream may be more literal.


Being naked in a dream does not always mean lewdness and a need for sexual intercourse, though sometimes it does. If shame is involved in the dream scenario, then you are probably ashamed to reveal a secret part of you. If you stand proud and naked, you may have been expecting some sort of recognition.


Falling reveals a feeling of loss of self-control. It could also mean that you are doing something that is too difficult for you to handle.


A house represents your state of mind. If you are depressed, you may dream of a dark house with mystifying corners. The different rooms symbolize the different parts of the brain.


Because water is necessary to keep you alive, it symbolizes the daily situations and interactions that make life possible.


Teeth help in preparing food for digestion. In the dream world, they help prepare knowledge for use. So, dreaming of losing teeth means that you have changed your way of taking in knowledge.

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