Tips in Using Dream Dictionaries

Dream dictionaries are very handy guides in interpreting your dreams. You can easily find the objects and ideas in your dreams through the alphabetical arrangement. Instead of defining the objects and ideas, dream dictionary entries write the symbolic meaning and traditional meanings. You can find relative items as well.

List significant objects and ideas from your dream

The first thing to do is remember your dream. Think of all the important objects and ideas included in your dream. If possible, list the objects and ideas according to importance. Some dream objects are more important than others and are given a lot of focus. You just have a feeling that your dream revolves around those objects.

Find the objects and ideas from your list in the dream dictionary

Your dream dictionary is alphabetical. So, finding the meanings of the objects and ideas in your list will be very easy. Take note of their general meanings and their meanings when combined with other things. Take note of the general meanings. Do you think they apply to your dream in particular? Sometimes, these dream meanings do not apply to specific dreams because of the dreamer’s different outlook in life.

Analyze the combination of objects and ideas

Your dream’s meanings do not always have to agree with the meanings found in a dream dictionary. Try to put together all the elements that make up your dream and see if the meanings you have read about correspond to one unified meaning. Try to put in your own spin on the interpretations. After all, you know your life and outlook better.

Remember the elements’ meanings

As much as possible, remember the meanings of the elements found in your latest dream. This will make looking up elements of future dreams so much easier and faster. This is because you do not have to look up familiar elements. You just combine them with new elements’ meanings.

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